Mental Health Summer Camp For Struggling Teens - ViewPoint Center
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Mental Health Summer Camp

Mental Health Summer Camp

Are you searching for the best therapeutic solution for your child this summer? Mental health summer camp, or a camp geared towards improving mental health, can be inefficient and may lack the clinical expertise teens need to see positive changes in their overall health. ViewPoint Center, a short term assessment center, can be the mental health solution your child needs.


Unlike a mental health summer camp, ViewPoint Center only staffs individuals with a wealth of experience in the mental health field. Summer camps often staff temporary employees who are in high school or university. Our employees are college graduates, some of whom have been working with teens struggling with mental health challenges for decades.  


At ViewPoint Center, teens ages 12-18 receive the individualized support they need to better understand what is causing their emotional or behavioral challenges and taking the next steps to determining the best treatment plan for them.


ViewPoint Center has a similar length of stay to a summer camp. Within a matter of several weeks, your child can receive a comprehensive  diagnostic assessment followed by the formation of a treatment plan based on the results of their assessment. These steps towards getting your child the help they need can be life changing for the entire family.


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Why Choose ViewPoint Center over Summer Camp?


ViewPoint Center might be able to provide the answers your family is looking for in regards to your child’s behavioral or emotional challenges. Instead of sending your child to a summer camp where they may not get the clinical help they need, consider ViewPoint Center as an option for your child.


ViewPoint Center provides:

  • Accurate diagnoses – We work closely with teens in order to discover the most accurate diagnosis possible. From there, we can form a comprehensive treatment plan and begin to discuss the next steps in the therapeutic process. 
  • A comfortable, home-like environment – Unlike many other assessment centers and mental health hospitals, our program is designed to feel comfortable and nurturing.
  • Experienced staff – Our staff come from various backgrounds including medical, psychiatric, and nursing. Everyone works closely together to make sure your child is getting the best therapeutic help possible.
  • Safe facilities – From the moment students arrive at ViewPoint Center to moment they leave not a minute goes by without their safety being our top concern. Our program is designed to uphold the highest safety standards.
  • 24/7 care – Staff are available around the clock to provide patients with necessary medical and therapeutic care.


Our small, close-knit community allows our team to work individually with each family. ViewPoint Center is accredited by the Utah Department of Health, as well as the Joint Commission. Because of this, we hold ourselves to the highest levels of safety and care. At home or in a non-assessment environment, teens who have been misdiagnoses or who remain undiagnosed with mental health challenges may not be in the safest setting for their specific needs. Our program provides a safe place for your teen to begin their journey towards healing and recovery.


Located just a few miles away from Salt Lake City, Utah, our program is located on a beautiful 7 acre campus. We keep our capacity purposefully small, just 26 beds, in order to provide the most individualized care possible for each client.


Learn more about why families choose ViewPoint Center>>>


For more information about ViewPoint Center, please call 855-290-9682.

Accurate Assessments at ViewPoint Center

At ViewPoint Center, teens undergo an assessment process which continues throughout their time at our program. Our assessment facility is fully licensed as a specialized teen psychiatric hospital and we provide the highest level of care for each client.

Assessments at ViewPoint Center:

  • Include a full neuropsychological battery: We want to make sure that we reach the most accurate diagnosis for your child in order to target the best treatment options. Because of that, our assessment process includes several different types of assessments and tests.
  • Take into account every aspect of a teen’s behavior: Our team is able to gain a well rounded perspective of what is going on with your child based on the results of assessments, as well as group interactions, academic performance, and peer relationships.
  • Remove extraneous factors which may impact results: While at ViewPoint Center, every factor that may have affected your child’s misdiagnosis in the past is removed. We are solely focused on establishing what specifically your child is struggling with and coming up with answers based on the results of our observations and test results.

Learn more about assessments at ViewPoint Center here>>>

Determining The Best Course Of Treatment

Throughout a teen’s time at our program, we work closely with them in order to see the full picture of their challenges and the best possible treatment plan. Over the course of our program, staff work closely with students in a variety of different environments and situations which allows them to gain a well rounded view of your child.

During the several weeks that teens attend ViewPoint Center, we are continuously assessing and reassessing their behaviors. From there, we can make adjustments to any medication your child may be taking and suggest treatment options for the next steps of your child’s healing journey.


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