Teen Mental Hospital - Teen Mental Health Hospital
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Teen Mental Hospital

Teen Mental Hospital

ViewPoint Center is dedicated to helping teens and families determine the most clear, accurate diagnosis and treatment plans. The process by which our programming helps teens and their families includes Stabilization, Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment. Throughout a patient€™s stay at our teen mental hospital, ViewPoint Center works diligently to assess individual challenges clearly and without bias. Teen Mental Hospital

Our approach to creating success for teens and their families stems from our detailed process for ensuring that each patient receives the best treatment possible. Our approach includes:

  • Stabilization: The stabilization track, which is offered to those patients who require stabilization,  lasts between 1-3 weeks depending on the individual. We move on from stabilization once symptoms have reduced.
  • Assessment: Our teen mental hospital provides a variety of assessments for each patient, depending on their individualized plan. Assessments may be carried out through psychotherapy, neuropsychological testing, and classroom assessments.
  • Diagnosis: ViewPoint Center seeks to provide diagnostic clarity for each patient and their family. Diagnostic tools and assessment typically include: psychosocial assessment, psychiatric evaluation, family system assessment, etc.
  • Treatment: Diagnostic assessments and evaluations help to determine the best course of treatment for each patient. Throughout a teen€™s stay at ViewPoint Center, we are able to get a complete picture of how to best help teens overcome their challenges.

How does ViewPoint Center Help Teens?

Our teen mental hospital for families takes a unique approach to helping struggling teens and their families. Every member of our staff – doctors, nurses, therapists, and residential staff – work together to create the most accurate treatment plan possible. Teen Mental Hospital

Programming at ViewPoint Center is typically 6-7 weeks long, depending on a patient€™s individual treatment plan. In this short period of time, your Wisconsin teen will be on the right track towards lasting success.

ViewPoint Center€™s specialized teen mental hospital  provides:

  • Weekly individual, group, and family therapy sessions with a licensed, experienced therapist.
  • Comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations carried out by ViewPoint Center€™s psychiatrists and psychologists.
  • Medication Management and Evaluation
  • 24/7 care for patients. We have staff members available to help around the clock.
  • Secure campus setting which allows for the highest levels of safety.
  • Comfortable home-like environment to promote healing and personal growth

Our programming consists of Stabilization, Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment. For families in need of stabilization services, we offer medically supervised and assisted stabilization. Once stabilization is reached, we then move into the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment aspects of our programming.

Diagnostic assessments are intended to provide clarity for families and to form a basis for a long term treatment plan based on a patient€™s individualized needs

Who is ViewPoint Center for?

ViewPoint Center helps teens seeking a Teen Mental Hospital who are struggling with issues similar to those below:
– Eating Disorders
– Psychosis (Paranoia, Hallucinations, or Delusions)
– Multiple Failed Placements
– Self Harm
– Pain Disorder
– Psychological Factors Affecting Medical Conditions
– Drug/Alcohol Use
– Complex or Uncertain Psychiatric Diagnosis
– Medication Change
– Behavioral Outburst
– Suicidal Behavior
– Bipolar Disorder
– Depression
– Mood Swings
– Physically aggressive behaviors
– Learning Disorders

What does ViewPoint Center offer struggling families?

The process of  finding the most accurate diagnosis and treatment options for your teen can be a challenging process. At ViewPoint Center, we provide the most comprehensive diagnostic assessments and treatment plans. We also offer medication management in order to supplement treatment. Teen Mental Hospital

Throughout a patient€™s stay at our teen mental hospital for teens, we continue to assess their specific struggles to establish the most effective plan for future treatment. Many families come to us feeling as though all hope is lost. We help renew hope for the future.

Although we are located in Utah, we help families from all over the country. When receiving assessment and treatment, sometimes it is better for teens to be removed from their familiar environments. Our programming provides 24/7 assistance to struggling teens. This allows us to closely monitor symptoms and create accurate treatment plans from observations.

Every aspect of our teen mental hospital€™s programming is personalized for each individual patient. This allows us to help patients overcome the specific challenges they face.

We only work with  teens ages 12-18, which allows us to focus on the specific challenges that age group faces. Our expert team specializes in helping this age group find success.