Teenage Psychiatric Hospital - Teen Mental Health Hospital
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Teenage Psychiatric Hospital

Getting Your Child Help At A Leading Teenage Psychiatric Hospital

ViewPoint Center, a teenage psychiatric hospital for young people ages 12-18, provides stabilization, assessment, and treatment plans for struggling teens. We know how scary this time can be for your family. Our stabilization and assessment process, which typically lasts between 6 and 7 weeks,  helps families better understand what their child is going through and create a clear cut plan for the next steps of treatment.

ViewPoint Center is dedicated to providing families and teens with:

  • Individualized care: Each teen who comes to our campus faces unique obstacles. For every client, we carry out assessments based on their individual needs. From there, we help families comes up with treatment plans for the future.
  • Safe facilities: Our program offers round the clock care for clients. We have staff available at all hours of the day to support clients quickly and efficiently. Learn more about safety on campus here>>>
  • Expert staff: All members of our medical, psychological, and nursing team are experts in their field. We staff MDs, PhDs, LCSWs, MCHC, and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners who have dedicated their careers to helping others, specifically adolescents. Learn more about our expert staff members here>>>
  • Accredited programming: ViewPoint Center is accredited by NATSAP, JCAHO, the Utah Department of Health, and SEVIS

Who does ViewPoint Center help? Find Help At Our Crisis Center

ViewPoint Center helps teens struggling with emotional and behavioral challenges such as:


  1. Multiple Failed Placements
  2. Suicidal ideation/ behaviors
  3. Substance Abuse
  4. Depression
  5. Anxiety
  6. Uncertain psychiatric diagnosis
  7. Psychosis (hallucinations, paranoia, delusions)


Learn more about who we help here>>>

Optional Stabilization Process

No parent wants to see their child experience a mental health crisis. We offer medically assisted and supervised stabilization for teens who are in the middle of a psychiatric crisis. Not every client needs this step. The stabilization period lasts 7-21 days depending on your child’s progress. This period ends when symptoms reduce. During stabilization:

  • Clients receive 30 hours a week of therapeutic programming with licensed therapists. This includes individual therapy, family therapy, and group therapy.
  • Medication is managed and assessed by our medical staff.
  • Psychiatric assessments are carried out which include a client’s history and current symptoms.


Stabilization is carried out by our interdisciplinary staff members which include mental health specialists, nurses, board certified clinicians, and psychiatrists.

Assessments at ViewPoint Center

After the optional stabilization period has ended, we begin our assessment process. Throughout your child’s time at ViewPoint Center, the assessment process will be continuous. The goal of the assessment process is to clarify a diagnosis for clients and to form an optimal treatment plan.


The clinical assessments at ViewPoint Center include a full neuropsychological battery. We want to make sure that each individual client is provided with the assessments that are most applicable to their specific symptoms.


Our assessment process incorporates psychotherapy, classroom evaluations, daily recreation, and neuropsychological testing with the therapeutic milieu of being on campus. By seeing the ways in which clients interact with their peers on campus, as well as individual tests and academic performance, we are able to get a well-rounded perspective of each individual’s needs.


When the assessment process is coming towards an end, we conduct a verbal Multi-Disciplinary Review which discusses the initial assessment findings with you and your child. Afterwards, we send a final review which provides a clear diagnosis as well as recommendations for future treatment based on our observations.


Learn more about the assessment process at ViewPoint Center>>>

Finding an Accurate Diagnosis For Your Child


At ViewPoint Center, we utilize the following diagnostic tools to help clients reach a clear diagnosis for their child. These diagnostic tools may include:

  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Psychosocial Assessment
  • Family System Assessment
  • Health and Physical Assessment
  • Nutritional Screen Assessment
  • Self-Harm Screen Assessment
  • Psychological and Neurological Evaluation
  • Chemical Dependency Evaluation
  • Medication Evaluation
  • Recreational/Leisure Evaluation


In addition to the assessment tools listed above, clients are engaged in activities on campus that help us determine the most accurate diagnosis for them. They are involved in the campus community and are observed throughout therapeutic sessions.